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Sloka No.1

Sloka No.2

Sloka No.3

Sloka No.4

Sloka No.5

Sloka No.6

Sloka No.7

Sloka No.8

Sloka No.9

Sloka No.10

Sloka No.11

Sloka No.12

Sloka No.13

Sloka No.14

Sloka No.15

Sloka No.16

Sloka No.17

Sloka No.18

Sloka No.19

Sloka No.20

Sloka No.21

Sloka No.22

Sloka No.23

Sloka No.24

Sloka No.25

Sloka No.26

Sloka No.27

Sloka No.28

Sloka No.29

Sloka No.30

Sloka No.31

Sloka No.32

Sloka No.33

Sloka No.34

Sloka No.35

Sloka No.36

Sloka No.37

Sloka No.38

Sloka No.39

Sloka No.40

Sloka No.41

Sloka No.42

Sloka No.43

Sloka No.44

Sloka No.45

Sloka No.46

Sloka No.47

Sloka No.48

Sloka No.49

Sloka No.50

Sloka No.51

Sloka No.52

Sloka No.53

Sloka No.54

Sloka No.55

Sloka No.56

Sloka No.57

Sloka No.58

Sloka No.59

Sloka No.60

Sloka No.61

Sloka No.62

Sloka No.63

Sloka No.64

Sloka No.65

Sloka No.66

Sloka No.67

Sloka No.68

Sloka No.69

Sloka No.70

Sloka No.71

Sloka No.72

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